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    Is it possible to innovate a natural feather?

    The Natural feather is the most classic and traditional of the arrow vanes. Always considered the best solution for historical bows, today it is also increasingly used with modern bows and even in indoor competitions of the World Cup world circuit. Hence the need for a product that is as light and perfect as possible! The Natural Feathers from Gas Pro Fins are ultra-light, resistant and precise to offer the highest possible accuracy in the shot.

    Select one by one in packs of 12 and 50 pieces, they are the perfect choice to fletch all arrows, in wood, aluminum and carbon! The key to success of the Natural Gas Pro Feathers is the white base, well finished and precise, as well as the feather itself which is treated in respect of the material, excellent consistency, resistance and long life, even in the rain!

    The range of colors is incredible, with many solutions for all tastes, from the single color, to the trebark and the new two-tone Eagle series.

    You can try and order them from:

    DISPORT (www.disport.it)

    TEL: 0424-34545

    WHATSAPP: 380-7772365

    EMAIL: info@disport.it

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